A competitive ad marketplace with access to dozens of premium ad networks and hundreds of demand side partners, all in one SDK.

Hundreds of Advertisers Compete For Your Traffic

Every one of our demand side partners are individually managed and optimized to maximize performance. Each one competes for your traffic and pays you the maximum revenue for each impression.

Fully Managed

AdRally adds hundreds of demand side partners to your mediation without the hassle of handling hundreds of relationships. Our team manages partnerships with ad networks and demand sources on your behalf:
  • Ad Network and Demand Source Evaluations
  • Blacklist Management
  • Performance and Revenue Optimization
  • One Payment Each Month

How To Get AdRally

AdRally is easily integrated into the following mediation solutions:
AdRally comes fully integrated with Fuse Powered and Corona SDK.

Make 5x More Revenue With AdRally + Fuse Powered

The Fuse Powered player-centric monetization platform leverages AdRally as part of its complete solution. With Fuse Powered, you can:
  • Analyze real time player data
  • Segment based on gameplay and spending behaviors
  • Deliver dynamic IAP offers
  • Mediate your favorite ad networks
  • Disable ads for paying players
  • Customize ad zones to target players by progression or location
  • Offer dynamic rewarded video

The Highest Paying Ads, With Less Hassle.